How to cut a candy hole into your Vagina Piñata March 16 2015

So where’s the hole? Here's why our piñatas are sealed.

Vagina Pinatas come to you completely sealed. There are no openings that have been cut into your piñata. We do this for several reasons. Leaving the piñata sealed helps to protect the piñata during shipment. If we were to cut in a hole, the chances of your piñata coming to you damaged increases; and we like for your order to be perfect. Also, because so many different items may be inserted into the piñata, you know best what sized hole to cut. And lastly, some people simply don’t want to put anything into the piñata and prefer to leave it sealed. So, we leave that up to you :)

How to cut the candy hole

In order to fill your piñata, we recommend a hole located about here:

The hole should be wide enough to fit the items you’re putting into it. Generally, we found that about 2” is good, but may need to be adjusted depending on the candy, condoms, etc. going into it.

If you cut the hole in a triangular shape (rather than a square) by cutting a “V” shape, you can generally make an adjustment to make it larger with relatively no hassle. Just extend the arms of the “V” by cutting a bit further.

Here is what we at Vagina Piñatas have found to be the best method in filling your piñata:

1. In the location shown in the drawing, start a “V” shape by cutting in a downward diagonal angle from left to right. Use a knife or other sharp tool. This is for ADULTS ONLY! No children should be cutting the V.

2. Finish the “V” by cutting another downward angle to meet at the crotch of the “V”. The top of the “V” should be wide enough to fit your adult piñata items into.

3. Don’t push in the flap of the V! Leave it pulled out so that the items can be inserted.

4. Now fill the piñata!

6. To close your piñata, simply push the flap of the V back down. Use tape to seal it if necessary.

Finito! Enjoy your piñata and have fun at the party!