What Should I put into My Adult Piñata? April 07 2014

As fine purveyors of adult party games, we naturally get a lot of questions regarding what we would put into our very own piñatas (besides candy). Well, we’ve come up with a very fine list for you!

Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Well this is a no-brainer. Of course your adult party needs an adult piñata full of adult beverages! Who couldn’t appreciate that? Just be sure to set up the piñata over a semi-soft surface (such as grass) so that the bottles don’t break. If the bottles are glass or the piñata is hung over a hard surface, we’ve had pretty good luck with wrapping the bottles in newspaper or pages from porn magazines.

Toys with Flare

Plastic Magical Unicorns? Hello Kitty Necklaces? Shiny plastic rings? Yes yes yes! We’re adults (kind of) but we still love this stuff! Get some of those cheap but fabulous kid's toys and toss them in to the mix.

Dollar Bills y’all!

I remember when I was a kid, there would be a stampede of screaming children running and diving for the candy when it was set free from the piñata. Want to see this kind of reaction from your adult friends? Well of course you do! Fill your piñata with some bills! Make it rain!

Gift Certificates

Dollar bills not enough? Well then, perhaps you should get some gift certificates. Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and AMC Theaters are pretty popular on the list. Also, if you are the type to put gift certificates into your piñata, I would like to be your friend. Please send me an email. Thanks.

Lottery Tickets

Just be sure that the winner splits the profits with you!


We almost forgot! Condoms, of course. Buy them here.

Honorable Mentions

Deck of Cards, Bottle Openers, USB Thumb Drives, Lube, Chewing Gum, Breath Mints, Mini Energy Drinks (e.g. 5 Hour Energy), metal jacks, and finger puppets.

We’ll keep on adding to this list as we come up with more. Promise.